Solar Fire Women: A conversation

Solar Fire Women: A conversation

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Finally, Solar Fire reached gender equality! For many years, Solar Fire was a team of six persons with only one woman. Nothing in her previous life prepared her to be one of the co-founders of a tech project meant to solve energy poverty. In this second episode, the 7 women working now for Solar Fire or who are promoting the Lytefire tech are sharing their experience, challenges and hopes from Finland, Switzerland, Kenya and France.

Eva Wissenz is Managing Director (Finland). Judith Bernet is Chief Financial Officer (Switzerland). Muriel Fuhrer is Lead Information Officer (Switzerland). Joan Arwa is Country Representative (Kenya).

Lydiane Tirel is one of the first French solarpreneurs as she started her organic seeds roasting business with Lytefire. Elise Hauters is an industry entrepreneur involved in the creation of Solar Fire France focused on the production of Lytefire Deluxe for the French market. Gaëlle Flipo is cooperating with the French non-profit association “Vagabonds de l'Energie '' who's showcasing the Lytefire to schools.

Solar Fire is a story of friendship, family and love. Our group of friends created a company in Finland in 2012. In this podcast series you have the chance to get to know the Solar Fire team, our motivation and dreams.

The Solar Fire adventure started a long time ago. It's the journey of a group of six very motivated people who decided to really do something about climate change. The Lytefire solar tech we promote is a unique piece of the energy mix to decentralize energy, decarbonize the economy and fight deforestation.

Lytefire is a simple and powerful design meant to harness the heat of the sun by concentrating it on an oven or any other application (roaster, boiler, etc). The Symington family planted the first seeds with the very first solar concentrators developed by Lorin's grandfather. Over the years and the different projects, the tech evolved a lot and became Lytefire.

Lytefire is currently spread to vulnerable populations through cooperation with NGO's and educational programs. In Europe, entrepreneurs have started to adopt it to power their small businesses.

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